April 17, 2018

The Derado

Imagine if you could wear a beautiful piece of jewellery that controlled your unique energy?

If by wearing it, you could magnify the energy around you, and gain power over your body and mind.

You would be your strongest self, your most intelligent self, your mo...

March 12, 2018

I've made a new friend! A new lovely human being I have connected with.

I must clarify, and not in a defensive way, that I am not starved of friends.Far from it. Like many people, I sometimes wonder if I have over-connected. There are not enough dates in the diary to gi...

February 8, 2018

From the moment I picked up a notebook and wrote the title: The Tandro Connections, I felt pulled along by an energy that had a power I wasn't really in control of.  A feeling I have no doubt most writers and artists can empathise with this!

But what I didn't realise at...

May 2, 2017

Energy Reactions – Part One 


Before you, 

I was in the dark, 

Just another tiny spec, 

Orbiting around the hub.

  And then you arrived.

A different type of energy,

a new light,

One that only I could react to.

  You made me jump,

move out of orbit.

I had no choice.

It was m...

January 5, 2017

19th March 2016: a day that did not appear to bear any significance at the time but would later reveal itself to be a significant turning point on my writing journey. I was sitting on a grassy banking, notebook in hand, earphones plugged into my iphone as I listened to...

December 15, 2016

Since the last blog post, all the way back in May, I have been fortunate to make lots of connections with some truly inspirational people. These connections opened many doors for me which in turn gave me clarity and showed me how far my journey in writing these books w...

I am writing this post on my  wedding anniversary.  12 years ago I exchanged vows with my husband on a beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire surrounded by our friends and family. It was a lovely, emotional wedding. It was also very pink - much more than I had intended but h...

March 10, 2016

I have just returned from a magical research trip to Cape Town. Diamonds play a huge part in the energy link between Earth and Tandro. Where else in the world could you find a country that has been more shaped and influenced by the discovery of diamonds than South Afri...

January 19, 2016

At the end of Book One, Stefanie takes the plunge and sets off on her secret adventure to South Africa with Jovil, in a bid to see if she has enough energy within her to get to Tandro- the first human being to have achieved this.


It is a huge turn -around. At the start...

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