A Diamond Philosophy:

Making Stronger Bonds



It is a Different Diamond Perspective: a belief that by truly understanding the diamond we can learn lessons about our love connections: about bonds, journeys and reactions. It is about digging deeper than surface sparkle to find value that is unbreakable.



South Africa's Most Awarded Jeweller have since adopted Naomi's philosophy as part of their brand:

"Uwe Koetter is proud to be associated with Naomi Lloyd.  We have been inspired by Naomi’s Diamond Philosophy and her perspectives about diamonds and how they teach us about our love connections: about bonds, journeys and reactions.  Uwe Koetter has based the content of their 50th anniversary video from this diamond philosophy."

Exciting New Diamond Book: Naomi's Story

During my research for "The Tandro Series" I was able to immerse myself in the fascinating and magical world of diamonds. By interviewing leading international jewellery designers, gemologists, celebrities and inspirational people and organisations, I have gathered together some wonderful stories and perspectives on Earth's most valued gem stone.


I felt compelled to collate this together into a beautiful book complete with photographs of special pieces of diamond jewellery along side their owners or designers to bring these previously unearthed stories to the surface.


As a photographer and a writer of romance this book is a dream for me to work on. It is a unique exploration into the parallelism between diamonds and people. Featuring interviews and photo shoot stories with both diamond and non-diamond experts, it takes the reader on a scientific, historic and personal journey into the connections we share with diamonds and the lessons that diamonds can teach us: about human relationships, patience, pressure and how by creating strong connections with others we can reflect positive light back into dark corners of the world.