Book One (The Tandro Series)

Dare to Dream. Dare to Reach. Dare to Love.

In 2065, in a pristine new world called Tandro, Tiegal has everything but the one thing she desires. 


Love is forbidden on Tandro. It’s her world’s only rule.


And she’s about to break it. 

Johannes, a farmer in South Africa, living in 1865, has entered her dreams and her heart. Defying space, time and a tyrannical leader, Tiegal escapes Tandro and finds a way to his world and time. 


She is finally home. 

But her enemies on Tandro will go to any lengths to get her back. 

And they are getting closer... 


Read RELEASE to experience an incredible premise of love breaking all boundaries 

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Book Two (The Tandro Series)
She is an unwitting pawn.
He is an innocent player.
A game of hearts that will rock her world
An incredible exchange that could save his.
And a love story that could transform everything.
Erin has one focus in life. Move forward. Never look back. 
At the tender age of 15, Erin survived a horrific tragedy that wiped out her family. Now, ten years later, in 2025, she has built a new life and a new family. One that she would do anything to protect.
Which is exactly what her enemies are counting on...
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The Novella


Sometimes the only way forward

is to reach back through time.

Reach is a paranormal time travel novella - the starter story in the irresistibly compelling Tandro Series.

It is perfect for anyone who loves Science Fiction, time travel and thrilling twists. And in Naomi E Lloyd's unique style, there's more than a dash of romance and magic in this fast-paced imaginative series.


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